naam: Hasatan
latijns:pieris napi m - klein geaderd witje
kenmerken: There once was a cow in a field
Thrice over did better than yield
I say shes a cow
but I dont want a row
The fate of the Father is sealed!

Naar Hasatan.
I'm trying to say I've got Faith >>>>>> Hasatan, 05 Jun 2017 19:01
Paloma Faith!


Naar Benedictus.
Benedictus, 06 Jun 2017 07:08


Naar Lionoh.
Lionoh, 06 Jun 2017 11:10
Kan zijn. Wie weet wel de ultieme waarheid?

Naar Hasatan.
So Hasatan, 05 Jun 2017 13:15
we are faced with two allegedly apparent scenarios here...

1. If God is a woman Britain is going to be a Republic - all of the ''bad'' people seem to really dislike that, but obviously also other good people who are not sure why that would happen anyway - unless they didn't know, and;

2. If God Himself exists all of the terrorism is going to stop soon, because thats what ''Go o d'' people seem to want...

Horah for God if He exists!

Naar Benedictus.
Benedictus, 06 Jun 2017 07:03


Naar Hasatan.
I have got Faith Hasatan, 03 Jun 2017 22:29
it's just not obvious sometimes what it is...


Naar Maggot.
my dear Hasatan Maggot, 04 Jun 2017 07:32
i want something beautiful
not Paloma Faith

Naar Hasatan.
Yeeeeeeeeeeees Hasatan, 24 Mei 2017 12:13
I know God, but grief I am well known for fits of humour and perhaps a not to comical interest in deceit. At least that's what I am bound to say for now.


Naar Hasatan.
You lot seem to like your coffee Hasatan, 24 Mei 2017 00:23
I like a hot tea or coffee as well, but this summer I'm thinking about getting away to somewhere hotter...


Naar Koffieboontje.
TEA ? Koffieboontje, 24 Mei 2017 06:56
You out of your mind ?


Naar Hasatan.
Ha! Hasatan, 24 Mei 2017 09:54
tea ist gut, aber knuckle dusters unt coffee seem dangerous!

Naar Sjokotovv.
Coffee dangerous ? Sjokotovv, 24 Mei 2017 14:45
Du bist eine wandernde Seele !
I hope you get well soon !

Naar Scapowsky.
Scapowsky, 24 Mei 2017 16:41
Hij eet veel hemel, dus hier hoopt het!

Naar Hasatan.
68 Hasatan, 19 Mei 2017 13:48
S'ils perdent l'Écosse, ils perdent tout

Naar Hasatan.
Tango Hasatan, 15 Mei 2017 20:55
Whisker, Alpha and Omega can I get an X-ray? Or is that old hat with Diana now?

Naar Hasatan.
Hasatan, 12 Mei 2017 12:19
Voet. Pedaal. Voortzetten


Naar Hasatan.
Hasatan, 08 Mei 2017 10:40
Good Morning Holland!


Naar Sjokotovv.
et la Belgique alors ? Sjokotovv, 08 Mei 2017 13:37


Naar Hasatan.
Ahha! Hasatan, 08 Mei 2017 22:01
Lekke humour des toilettes only!

Naar Hasatan.
Butt really... Hasatan, 09 Mei 2017 05:24
Le chocolat belgique est le meilleur!

Naar Sjokotovv.
Sjokotovv, 09 Mei 2017 06:55


Naar Lolzwever.
66 Lolzwever, 09 Mei 2017 07:45
heel lief


Naar Sclubsevens.
Sclubsevens, 09 Mei 2017 12:19
Ils ont peur de son travail


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