naam: Kagillogly
latijns:glischrochilus quadripunctatus

Naar Kagillogly.
pain!neus.hier Kagillogly, 02 Okt 2004 22:48
And my partner wonders why I'm sitting in the office laughing.
Would he think it was funnier if he knew I was causing pain to a shockwave nose whose hairs I am plucking?

Naar Kagillogly.
shadow mandoos.hier Kagillogly, 02 Okt 2004 22:38
Hmmmmm. I think iTunes borrowed an idea from here.

Naar Caligula.
borrowed ??? Caligula, 02 Okt 2004 22:44
Bloody thieves they are !!!

Naar Kagillogly.
More guiltweb.hier Kagillogly, 02 Okt 2004 22:22
I kept on cutting off the little spider-man's webs just to see if he'd keep at it. Oh, I am very bad (but too fascinated to stop).

Naar Caligula.
I think you're lost Caligula, 02 Okt 2004 22:44
Shouldn't you be on the English site ???


Naar Nothing.
that's what I call berre touched by so much hospitality, 03 Okt 2004 03:48
a heartwarming welcome...

Naar Kagillogly.
Bears and guilttoren.hier Kagillogly, 02 Okt 2004 22:17
How does he do this with the bears? HOW?

I feel guilty now because I keep on knocking those cuddly little bears down just to see if they'll get up again. I'm evil .......

This bug is not my favorite bug, but it'll do (my favorite is a glistening greenish cockroach from Thailand used to make nam phrik maengdaa).

Naar Caligula.
Them bloody bears Caligula, 02 Okt 2004 22:42
are gettin' shot when trespassing


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