naam: Okiwoki
latijns:drepana falctaria - berke-eenstaartje

Naar Okiwoki.
Hi Okiwoki, 26 Mei 2017 10:37

Naar Marlies.
ja? Marlies, 26 Mei 2017 21:16
en toen?

Naar Koffieboontje.
en toen was er koffie..... Koffieboontje, 27 Mei 2017 06:23


Naar Godhimself.
I thought Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 10:03
you were trying to get rid of me? But you want more now? Answers? If God is a woman Britain is going to be a Republic. Nobody else is going to do her bidding for her. She can do a Miracle against all odds and turn the tables and prove that she is The Creator and not anyone else. You will soon find out the merit of Lucifer if there is any. Shit is bad karma. Ok? Do you understand? Knuckle dusters are also bad karma what do you want from knuckle dusters? Do you want to eat one?

Naar Godhimself.
I suppose Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 10:34
you want to know what good karma is then? Good karma is PEACE. Think about what that actually means? Lambs want peace as well, but so does grass. I guess we shouldn't really be eating Apples either, but Lucifer may think otherwise, and who knows, maybe he is actually right, and his Mother is God The Creator.

Naar Okiwoki.
Hi Okiwoki, 25 Mei 2017 20:46

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