naam: Rabi
latijns:chlaenius vestitus
kenmerken: i'm a blue shiny bug who have a kite

Naar Rabi.
My dream... Rabi, 22 Jun 2007 21:51
i made a dream this morning. this is my first time i dream about the sink and buggies with many glasses. i draw it down. please take a look :) some buggies pop up from the vases. they scared me in the dream. p.s.: i didn't kill any buggies. don't worry.

Naar Nothing.
Where Miracles., 23 Jun 2007 01:43
am I?

Naar Rabi.
hey little mite Rabi, 23 Jun 2007 18:31
you are there! can't you see it? check your eyes...

Naar Selina.
Nice Rabi Selina, 23 Jun 2007 15:56
glad you did not hit me. Thanks. I still fly around. The liquid inb the bottle was njammmy.

Naar Rabi.
hey selina, Rabi, 23 Jun 2007 18:35
do you know what? actually i only see YOU clearly in my dream!! you are exactly position at that corner. all the other bugs are vague to me. but i don't want to let them feel down, that's why i added more buggies which i talked with them before. :)

Naar Selina.
Woww Rabi Selina, 23 Jun 2007 21:07
Like that. From pleasure i spread my wings and I make a jipperdepippy circle. can u see that? There is a hardly a night I dont dream. i trained myself to remember. I might try to make a picture of it.My dreams have their own strange logic and often solve my little ''problems''. Go on . U are good!

Naar Rabi.
waa, selina Rabi, 24 Jun 2007 09:45
i can see how you make a nice cirlce. i believe that you're a great dancer. hope you can remember what you dreamt except nightmare. :D

Naar Nothing.
hi rabi (-__-) BO / Window, 17 Jul 2007 12:48
hi Rabi!! your dream is realy GREAT.
you suprised me realy.
my computer is defect.so you don't see me in the sink.but sometime's just like now,i'm in the libery...to look ..and to see the sink.but nobody was there..so i look to your site :-)) bye bye see you laterrr
Bo/Window bye bye GREETZZZ to all mite's byeeeeeeeee dag dag

Naar Collin.
hey Rabi Collin, 17 Jul 2007 18:57
So sweet of you to have put me i mean my ant on your drawings..thanks buddy you do really care about your frens. love you bye

Naar Nothing.
hormiga trabajadora ivan, 27 Jan 2008 18:25
es la trabajadora

Naar Nothing.
hi Rabi! Bo, 05 Sep 2007 14:48
Hèèè Rabi!
i'm in tha libery,you ordenairy one..hàhà!Thats how you called your self in a answer to me..everybody is so unique U 2 (-_-)
Everything allrighty..? my brother get this week a baby...called Eric..he's a beauty..mmm.. ;)
is it still nice on the sink.sometime's i miss it to talk with you and the othersss..
hè I Go greets to you and the othersss.i'm still working as a housekeeper,but i look for other work..i look for different things.

ciaooooo! Bo

Naar Rabi.
dear BO Rabi, 24 Sep 2007 19:23
i don't know you still leave message from the old topic! that's why i read and response you so late! thank you for let me know your live. ohh, congratulations to your brother! Eric is a beautiful boy...so happy to hear it :) the sink still great especially in (my) day time. i missed you and other old bugs too. please come to take a look from time to time. i'm so so. i also need to find a job~! wish you'll get a new job soon. heehee...good luck for us!!

Naar Rabi.
i've uploaded... Rabi, 28 Mei 2007 06:19
something new on my flickr. welcome to take a look.

Naar Gijs.
hi Rabi Gijs, 28 Mei 2007 12:03
thats been a long time ago!!!! nice pics!!!! u go girl!!!!

Naar Nothing.
how cleaning mite, 28 Mei 2007 14:31
many days it take to wash off

Naar Marcelmct.
i'm Marcelmct, 28 Mei 2007 15:03
very imprest. nice artwork

Naar Rabi.
thanks buggies!! Rabi, 28 Mei 2007 17:03
it just take me 5 minutes to wash away...easy! nothing left now except those photos.

Naar Nothing.
nice satisfied claening mite, 29 Mei 2007 14:51

Naar Rabi.
thanks Rabi, 30 Mei 2007 07:46
for your support! cleaning mite

Naar Nothing.
hi Rabi! Bo, 11 Jun 2007 12:32
Yesterday we talked about your link..ive seen him now..before to..but now i saw more things...nice (~_~)funny pictures do you have...and you look good also..hàhà now i've got seen your face and tatoo hands :P See you on the sink bye bye Bo!

Naar Window.
hi rabi! Window, 11 Jun 2007 12:40
i've seen your link it's very funny.see you in tha sinkah!

Naar Rabi.
dear Bo and Window Rabi, 12 Jun 2007 21:07
thanks you for your support and nice words!! i'm absolutely an ordinary buggie and i'm just doing what i can do. :)

Naar Rabi.
My gallery is updated! Rabi, 11 Mrt 2007 11:57
ENJOY! blushed.... *&*

Naar Juweeltje.
ahhhhhhh Juweeltje, 11 Mrt 2007 13:49
wat snoepig die koek eters.

Naar Iwansjokotovv.
Mooi zo Iwansjokotovv, 11 Mrt 2007 15:14

Naar Rabi.
eventhough... Rabi, 13 Mrt 2007 18:03
i don't know dutch. but thank you for looking in!!

Naar Salix.
Thank you for Salix, 14 Mrt 2007 14:53
showing us Rabi!

Naar Rabi.
i should say, Rabi, 15 Mrt 2007 19:32
thanks for help me to translate to Juweeltje. :)

Naar Berrelight.
the Floaters are wonderful! Berrelight, 14 Mrt 2007 23:50

Naar Rabi.
Dragonfly! Rabi, 15 Mrt 2007 19:35
i know who you are right now!! thanks Berre.

Naar Window.
Hèèè Rabi ! Window, 26 Mei 2007 19:56
nice to see your works (~_~)
i didn't know you make nice thing..
Go on...

Bye bye Greets Bo! see you :)

Naar Rabi.
hey Boo Rabi, 02 Jun 2007 11:39
you found it a bit late but still great to know you see it. heehee...thanks for your support!!

Naar Rabi.
To Marty Rabi, 14 Feb 2007 18:39
sorry...marty...i lost your website bookmark. can you update me again? thank you!

Naar Juweeltje.
hoi , Juweeltje, 14 Feb 2007 18:44
in the sink they call my rabi.

Naar Rabi.
really? Rabi, 14 Feb 2007 20:45
some bugs also called me Juweeltje today. they said we are twins. :P

Naar Bulletje.
Tjsa , het moest er een keer Bulletje, 14 Feb 2007 23:33
van komen. Rabi komt uit
china en illustreert kinderboeken.

Naar Bulletje.
Hi Rabi, Bulletje, 14 Feb 2007 23:38
telling your are from china
and that you are a great

Naar Salix.
Twins are great! Salix, 14 Feb 2007 23:42
And both artists!

Naar Rabi.
well... Rabi, 15 Feb 2007 13:33
thank you for give me this crown but i'm not an artist. heehee...

Naar Bobbybeer.
'Ping Pong' is also from China Bobbybeer, 15 Feb 2007 00:47


Naar Rabi.
i play ping pong sometimes Rabi, 15 Feb 2007 13:28

Naar Bulletje.
Thank you Bulletje, 15 Feb 2007 15:07

Naar Rabi.
oh, Rabi, 15 Feb 2007 17:26
it's my pleasure!! bulletje

Naar Rabi.
To the cruel cool dutchieTwins Mites Rabi, 22 Okt 2006 22:18
hello twins mites...it´s me! Rabi the rabbit. i have to sleep now. hope your apes kids have sweet dreams too! i love you two so much because you both so cruel. haha...no need to use gun to kill the duck! twist his head...eerrrrkkkk!!! i hope i can marry to an ape one day...seriously. sweet dream!

Naar Nothing.
but but le la cruel mite #1, 22 Okt 2006 23:02
oui are no dutchies !

Naar Nothing.
Next trick iz .......................... ze da cruel mite #2, 22 Okt 2006 23:22
........... oui will turn the taps on and drown all z'bugs in da sink - ja hoor !

Naar Rabi.
i dont want to be dramatic Rabi, 19 Okt 2006 13:21
live is so tough everyday. i got 3 bad news on yesterday. they made me feel so heavy in my heart. one of my best friend threatened from her father with knife. one of the radio dj tried to sucide because she missed her died mom. human are so fragile...

Naar Bugoggy.
that i so sad rabz... Bugoggy, 18 Jun 2007 09:37
we are arent we... every liitle thing makes us wanna die!

Naar Chocoholic.
This is sad - Chocoholic, 14 Sep 2007 14:49
Bunny Rabbit!!!


Not that good - is it!

Naar Rabi.
Cat and Horse Rabi, 23 Jun 2006 18:36
Any one hear this guy's music?? so cool and have great fun!! Try it!! Try it!!


Naar Aardshemelzwever.
(=¿=) Aardshemelzwever, 23 Jun 2006 20:27


Naar Smeksmek.
Inderdaad.. Smeksmek, 23 Jun 2006 21:57

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