Help i love i actually have a pink teddy bear myself
her name is rose (teddy) and ive had her since i was 3 years old

i would never hurt her but this is one of my favorite pages on this website
its nice :)It's your place I think you need someone what huhHmm He/She does comforts me. Especially with the match one.In this case... The Teddy Bear was used as bait for forbidden relationships.  So It had very good comforting abilities and very bad memories that were also associated with it.  So it goes. Lipstick On Bears It's funny, I was just talking with a friend about the oligarchy, and stumbled upon this animation. Then when I came to post it on the mainpage, I see someone else was thinking along the same lines at the same time. It's a zeitgeist I think.

Teddy will comfort me.