ik kan maar niet  
in these moments i really regret trying to live by the rulebook
that wasn't written for beings like meSo happy it's still here Just found this website again after a lot of searching. This place means a lot to me. I used to play around here at the early 2000's as a kid (obviously not the target audience), wasn't even able to read English properly. Now I can appreciate not only the beautiful, touching, ahead-of-it's-time art, but also the sensitive texts. 
Thank you for this site and for keeping it alive.if you leave..... and escape....to where? i dunno im escaping ....escape but stay here and leave escaping....escaping...escaping.....if you leave me cicaida i wont be able to know leave...to releave in the leaves of fall youyre a cicaida you spend years in the darkness so why cant you see me if you leave...dont leave out the front door use the BACKDOOR!!Why can't I leave? Im lostI'm a beautiful butterfly. Soaring in the wind. Or perhaps embedded in in a car radiator. Hard to say.Yes We here