stuff and junk vsauce brought me happy.That reminds me... I need to buy some good bar soap.  I ran out a good while back ....and...uh...well I went to Europe and they didn't have any.  So I use shampoo and body wash.  And a Brush.  I like a good brush.  But I am an American and I need bar soap.  Any advice other than the stuff in the grocery store?Dizzzzzyyyy~Whizzzzzzlyyyyy That makes me  dizzyyyyyy..........or throgh  up............. :@The Buzz Thats the buzz! Im the Buzz, soaps the buzz...Whats your buzz...don't get too comfortable at funny farm they're conspiring against you.

no one would suspect a chicken!soapy bits simply stick them to the new bar of soap, or throw one in with the wash load of towels.  your helpful hint for the day

These pages are like those leftover bits of soap you keep piling up, just in case. But you can never imagine using that ugly lump