Mister lay snoring in my chair this morning. A bag of chips balancing on his chest. couldn't just wake him up, could I?

This afternoon he must have been a lot more active, though. He was sleeping when I came home, but the house was all cleaned up. Nice and tidy, I thought. But where did he put my plants, my fruit basket, my books, my television, my clock? What happened to all my stuff? The answer stood on the kitchen table: a huge block made up of everything in my house, held together by brown tape.

Why? What got into this man, to step in here, sleep in my chair and stick all my stuff together? I don't have to take this! I'll... I'll grab him! And then shake him! Verbally, that is... I'll tell him a thing or two... And ask him when he's going to leave.

As soon as he wakes up...

Didn't got it! Sorry,but who's ''he''?This is... This website, basically put, is a portal into the mind of a madman.I miss you you left me.I miss youfriends who hate eachother man i have 2 friends who dont like my other friend over a guyHmm.... Another hard one. This one's hard to get a meaning out of too. Nobody, why don't you stand up to Mister? You have a big sticky mess, and a sleeping man in your house and it's all his fault! Be angry, be assertive! But... is that the meaning? Do you think that NO ONE should be assertive in life? That's it. The meaning. We shouldn't get mad, life's too short to hold grudges. But what SHOULD we do? I don't know, Nobody, I just don't know...>:( He's not very nice is he?