turn around and see the plant still shaking, standing a little more to the right. That's it! I've had enough! I'm not scared, I'm furious! How dare he? A pen! A pen! And I write:

"You dirty sneak! You don't belong here! Get out of my house or else..."

There. That's a relief. Let him move this. That'll teach him. Now I just need to find one of those dark corners I never look, but where he'll certainly find it. On the cupboard. Or behind it. All the way at the back. Is that possible? Wait, there's something there. A dusty piece of paper.



One day I swear I'll find everything I ever lost out of sight and it will be....... äh... why do I need to know again?traces of something! Its happens when u least expected! What lurks behind the door or what might come out of the toilet bowl when need to the call of nature!  oh no but you just...
and then, you knowbugs are feelin something.... i'm not... or i just can't express it!intristing..... that moving thing happens to me too .... but its just my littel brother.fo the webmaster like you and averybody else, I am also looking for my soul mate. I dont know you, but I am convinced you are my soul mate. I love you, your site changed my life.