a title It never endsHow I want to get out.A summons serpent Come Dre, come naught, tis dwelf pattern hawk.
Our summers astray, our twelf patty gay.
Nor hither, nor whither, I wish it to glow.
A strange kind of slither, I'll die by the flow.
Hooray! Hooray! The ghost whent a way!
Come day, come knight, an ostrich.
Come yay! So hooray! So horribly gay!
But a love butt one love but it's love.A title I was floating around your existence, i'm the one who should be sorry kiddo For a few weeks, Possibilities existed Cut loose, I sink like silt back down onto the ocean floor. 
I am not good, clever, blameless, well-intentioned. 
It has been pointed out to me, quietly and with the utmost courtesy, that I am not deserving of second chances. I became something you had to protect yourself from. Does it matter that I only ever wanted to be your ally?