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To Nothing.
baffledsecrets.here zigabugizeewupta, 20 Dec 2005 08:50
where do all the elderly gentlemen with hats on, who drive their ageing small cars exclusively on Sundays go in winter? Is there a secret indoor training ground where they prepare to drive the world mad next summer?

To Nothing.
Elderly men with hats on name, 20 Dec 2005 17:24
don't know seasons anymore as soon as they sit in a car!

To Nothing.
stop kiddin me secrets.here sekerlady, 07 Okt 2005 19:47

To Thecat.
titleconcernedsecrets.here Thecat, 24 Sep 2005 09:08
textisn't it true that if you pluck out your nose hair instead of trimming them that they will never grow back?

To Jackfalcon.
I think Jackfalcon, 24 Sep 2005 11:00
they have the same problems with rainforests, don't they?

To Yvonne.
Hello Thecat, Yvonne, 17 Okt 2005 08:16
Greetings from another ant. We ants, are immortal. See you in the sink.

To Odessa.
Jijsecrets.here Odessa, 04 Aug 2005 17:21
intrigeert mij

To Nicolaasklei.
postsecrets.here Nicolaasklei, 23 Jul 2005 10:51
de site is grappig
ik ben er nog niet
helemaal doorheen
(ik blijf klikken)
zwembad is mooi

To Macheath.
Careful - Macheath, 23 Jul 2005 11:29
I carry a britva constantly.

To Nothing.
halosecrets.here loaloo, 26 Jun 2005 15:04

To Nothing.
your completly nuts ...secrets.here sidisinsane, 22 Mei 2005 16:45
... and i love it.
great stuff. i had a fantastic time visiting your site, but are you aware, that there are modern nose-hair-trimmer on the market? your method must really hurt.
please, don't even think of getting therapy.
thanks, for giving me a great time.

To Muttleydeed.
Your site is very creativesecrets.here Muttleydeed, 21 Mei 2005 10:30
Hello. I got this link from some computer hach and I am very impressed at hoe well thought out it is. I am also impresses at how clever the writings are. Have yet to explore it to its fullest, certianly intend to, but just wanted to express a little gratitude to whoever it is who facilitated these pages. thanks for your brilliance in an otherwise dull world.

To Nothing.
title: untitledsecrets.here me, 03 Mei 2005 22:46
i chose this bug because he only has one wing. what do yuo think about that? i don't think he can fly very well. excuse my poor typing. i don't want to correct my typos. i am boycotting capital letters at the moment as well so excuse the lack of capitals too. if that bothers you i'm sorry, just something that has to be done.

To Nothing.
awww me again, 03 Mei 2005 22:47
awww my bug didn't show up. whats up with that?

To Nothing.
hehehe Meowmix Cat, 10 Mei 2005 02:40

To Thwaites.
Dont Stop Me Knowsecrets.here Thwaites, 16 Apr 2005 09:16
I have decided to write a book about my life. I thinks it will be some kind of musical sitcom extravaganza...

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