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To Magician.
Secretssecrets.here Magician, 27 Okt 2008 03:04
Sometimes I wonder if I should never keep a secret. Openness seems so good for the world.

To Barquito.
cast a shadowsecrets.here Barquito, 21 Jul 2008 21:40
i hitted you in the dark

To Elling.
''hitted''?! Elling, 22 Jul 2008 03:06
are you fucking stuupid?!

To Nothing.
Its plain the stupid one, name, 22 Jul 2008 03:10
do you have to insult every one that posts here? We can't all be perfect like you think you are...

To Nothing.
don't worry, Elling. other name, 22 Jul 2008 03:27
you are perfect.

To Elling.
phew, i was worried then! Elling, 22 Jul 2008 03:44
*gets self-esteem back and sticks fingers up to the world, espeially name* i am beautiful, no matter what you say, words cant bring me down, so dont you bring me down today...gnille pihsrow natas pihsrow

To Nothing.
Clem Snide Gabriel, 22 Jul 2008 04:07
is very good!

To Elling.
like the cleaning of a house Elling, 22 Jul 2008 05:34
it never ends...

To Nothing.
Learn name, 22 Jul 2008 22:13
some fucking grammar if you're going to criticise.

To Elling.
who, me? Elling, 23 Jul 2008 03:07
i dont wanna, bitch!!! but i wanna criticize until everyone loses all their self esteem except me, therefore making me the strongest person in the universe...which really helps my plan for world domination

To Duivel.
silly little Duivel, 23 Jul 2008 19:15

To Magician.
Elling, Magician, 27 Okt 2008 03:02
you're interesting.

To Nothing.
Barquito Sequeira, 22 Jul 2008 03:29
que flota!

To Nothing.
titled named, 23 Jan 2009 21:24
what is this place?

To Nothing.
not truesecrets.here kei, 04 Nov 2007 16:03
if that is the case, why do secrets exists as secrets?

To Nothing.
Because A Questionnaire, 04 Nov 2007 16:14
Those who have something fragile and delicate may not want to share the truth with the world that we are in today, many will think bad of them because they have not experienced things that others have, there for thats why we have secrets, in one point of view, the other is that people dont like to reveal things about shameful acts to others and also keep these secret from the rest of this planet.

To Nothing.
whysecrets.here BERT, 16 Sep 2007 06:10
confessions...secrets are our inner keeping of bad past doings. It was me. All my fault. Blame me, I'm sorry. We all have our secrets... And some it is best to keep.

To Nothing.
...secrets.here poppopo, 04 Aug 2007 20:02
I don't want to know where he stuck the gum any way...

To Nothing.
geniussecrets.here Tamar, 16 Jan 2007 21:25
It could be rubbish but it intrigues still.

To Nothing.
Can we brain damage Rule britania britania rules the waves, 17 Jan 2007 12:22
this one please. Thanc you. Ruel britania

To Nothing.
genius Ashley, 30 Nov 2009 08:25
This website is amazing.

To Kamuti.
should YOU tell YOUR secret?secrets.here Kamuti, 13 Jan 2007 09:12
Perhaps it ok but do someone bother to listen?

To Nothing.
titleujhy name, 01 Aug 2007 20:13

To Spluch.
conffesion time!!secrets.here Spluch, 25 Dec 2006 16:01
oh,(sob) it was me that threw all those stuff out the windoe

To Bugoggy.
hahaha Bugoggy, 20 Apr 2007 13:30
remeber we trwe the barby out the window anf the neibhour got pist?!

To Carlaj.
You!secrets.here Carlaj, 09 Dec 2006 23:43
It was you, for weeks I cried over my dead pigeon! And then I drove over someones cat and my pain was gone!

To Fuki.
scaredsecrets.here Fuki, 05 Dec 2006 08:42
of rejection, I love them both, but not too much

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